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“I loved that it has an adjustable fit and fits snuggly around any sippy cup that we put it on. The fabric choices are fun and hip and they are machine washable which is fantastic. The Little Lasso is long enough for the child to comfortably drink out of while it’s hooked on to the stroller, cart, or highchair.” READ FULL REVIEW
“This mommy loves The Little Lasso! It is definitely a must have for parents!” READ FULL REVIEW
“I love they use NO snaps, velcro or clasps and is fully adjustable to fit ANY item!” READ FULL REVIEW
“The Little Lasso is as functional as it is attractive and it is machine washable in bright-colored, fun fabrics.” READ FULL REVIEW
“It was one of the best gifts we could think of that would help the new parents focus on what was important; their children, instead of worrying about lost items.” READ FULL REVIEW
“What I love about The Little Lasso is that it is nearly a toy on its own with the funky ball to secure the loop and the textured hook which clicks on to our pram easily.” READ FULL REVIEW
“Not only does it help my back, but I don't have to worry about Max picking up icky germs from the floor. I bet you couldn't guess that this was thought of by a mom, right?” READ FULL REVIEW
“I have grown to adore my little lasso, it goes along with us everywhere. And, it works just as it should, to keep everything where you want them {and not tossed, lost, or dropped and broken on a filthy floor}.” READ FULL REVIEW
“I love that The Little Lasso has given parents a solution to keep bottles and sippy cups in place! It not only works for these items, but also toys and blankets as well!” READ FULL REVIEW
“If you are a mom or a dad that gets tired of picking up cups or toys just to be thrown again, The Little Lasso solves that problem . . . We just love The Little Lasso! We don't have to worry about losing toys or cups. ” READ FULL REVIEW
“The reason I like (the Little Lasso) is because they are very easy to use, have totally cute patterns on them and are easily machine washable and dryable! ” READ FULL REVIEW
“What a great little contraption. I only wish I'd have had one (or two) when I had TWO little ones and one would unintentionally be dropping things while the other was in love with the cause and effect game of dropping stuff just to watch me pick it up. ” READ FULL REVIEW
“Ever wonder if there is a way to keep these items clean, safe, and secure to high chairs, cars seats, strollers, shopping carts and slings? There is! The answer is a Lasso~ The Little Lasso” READ FULL REVIEW
“I just Hate it when I'm taking my baby for a walk or I'm in a store and her sippy cup or toy falls on the dirty, nasty ground ... If only there was a way to keep things from falling on the ground! There is! Now you can "Stop Playing Fetch" with The Little Lasso.” READ FULL REVIEW
“When I received my first Little Lasso we mainly used it for securing her blanket to the stroller. Now we have one for the diaper bag, one attached to her high chair for her sippy cup and one constantly attached to her favorite toy.” READ FULL REVIEW

From the Archives

“There’s a fine line between a baby dropping a toy ("Oops!"), and a baby tossing it on the floor just because it’s a fun game for her to throw it and you to pick it up. Fun for baby, maybe not so much fun for you. Especially if we’re talking about a busy (germy!) restaurant floor... or a sidewalk... or the backseat of your car.”
“The practicality of this product is awesome. No longer are we loosing precious teethers and toys. I am also bending over less to pick something up off the floor. Have you tried bending over with a baby strapped to your back? Not so easy.”
“Finally something to put an end to my germ fears. I received an adorable girlie one in "pink disco dot" for the new baby and when it arrived it was even cuter in person.”
“After getting to know the benefits of The Little Lasso up close and personal, I sure wish I would have found them six years ago.”
“I love that you can just throw it in the washing machine when it's ready to be cleaned! Simple & functional...all which I love.”
“Playing fetch is for the dogs!”
“Since receiving our super-cute-designer-fabric little lassos, my back hurts less from bending down and retrieving the sippy cup one million times.”
“The Little Lasso will make your life much, much easier.”
“Hit the floor no more!”
“The Little Lasso is your safeguard. You don’t have to pick it up anymore and no more nasty germs! What a clever idea!”
“Covered in adorable machine-washable fabric, this is both a functional and trendy find.”
“I really love how the Lasso is designed—the scrunched fabric, the big beads, and especially the fresh and modern patterns!”
“The Little Lasso is made from high quality materials and all done by hand.”
“What a mothers little helper.”
“I don't go anywhere without The Little Lasso. It is always attached to our stroller, car seat, or high chair. It is also so easy to attach to grocery carts, baby carriers, pretty much anything!”
“My son is currently into throwing anything and everything! Whenever we go anywhere he is constantly throwing his bottle, sippy cup, and toys ... Well, we discovered the solution, and that is The Little Lasso! ”
“The Little Lasso generously sent me my vary own Little Lasso to review in the Blue Disco Dot fabric pattern and I LOVE it! ”
“The Little Lasso ... is a wonderful tool.”